Benchmark Water Service
Megatron XS Controller.jpg

Advantage MegaTron XS Conductivity Controller

Conductivity controller with four relays, sensor probe, flow shuttle and internet communications ready

Lakewood 1575e.png

Lakewood 1575e Conductivity Controller

Conductivity controller with four relays, sensor probe, and flow shuttle


Lakewood 140 Conductivity Controller

Conductivity controller with three relays, sensor probe, and flow shuttle


A Plus Chemical Pump 6.png

A-Plus Chemical Pump

The PULSAtron Series A-Plus offers manual function controls of stroke length and stroke rate as standard, with the option to select external pace for automatic control. 

Blowdown Valve 1.png

Motorized Ball Valve

A motorized ball valve that thinks its a solenoid... Replace your unreliable solenoid valves with a rugged motorized ball valve with no relays or control wiring. Just apply power to open and remove power and it closes by itself.

Filter Housings

Our poly filter housings are manufactured from the highest quality, FDA grade, 100% polypropylene and acrylic styrene (for clear housings). Leak-proof sealing is accomplished by compression against a top seated EPDM O-ring located in the housing’s sump.

Filter Cartridges & Bag Filters

One of the most neglected items in the industry are the Closed System Filters. Benchmark Water places a high priority on clean closed systems. We recommend a 5 - 10 micron filter on your closed system. 


Bypass Feeder 1.png

Bypass Feeders

Keeping Closed System Treatment in your loop is an effective way to protect the integrity of the inside of your closed system pipes for years to come. Depending on the size of your loop, we offer multiple sizes of bypass feeders to maintain the proper amount of corrosion inhibitors.

Benchmark Water offers the following services for you:

A Clean Cooling System Saves You Money

Complete draining and cleaning of your Cooling Tower should be done at least:

  • Annually

Cooling Towers are traps for all the debris and pollutants in our air. We recommend washing the intake louvers, drift eliminators, and tower fill (where applicable), as well as regular inspections and cleaning of cooling the tower basins to prevent under-deposit corrosion.

Chiller Cleanings Should be done at least:

  • Annually

This includes brushing of the condenser barrel or a chemical cleaning of the condenser barrel if necessary. *NOTE* If your chiller is located below your cooling tower, any debris that enters your tower can settle in the bottom of your condenser barrel.

Controlling legionella & Microbiological growth with:

  • Dual Biocide Feed Systems
  • Washings of Intake Louvers, Drift Eliminators, and Tower Fill
  • Cleaning Cooling Tower Basins
  • Frequent Microbial and Legionella Testing

We recommend at least one form of biocide for the water in your cooling tower but, prefer dual biocides for maximum control. If your property does not currently have a biocide program, consider allocating monies in your budget for this very important aspect of your water treatment program. 


Our chemical protects the integrity of your tower with:

  • Special blended chemical properties that protects galvanized metals
  • Corrosion inhibitors 
  • Scale Inhibitors 
  • Polymers

We always encourage you to test your cooling tower water daily. Frequent testing, along with running higher cycles of concentration, leads to a more efficient water treatment program, which in return saves the property money.